Ship Transshipment

ATO has grown into an important hub for barge and short-sea transport in a short period of time. Thanks to experienced collaborators, ATO can offer fast and economical solutions for all transport modes within the port of Antwerp. With a surface of over 250.000 m² and three 150t Gottwald cranes ATO is well equipped to load our unload a container barge or container vessel within a limited time frame. A fleet of six straddle carriers is used for yard operations. ATO can also handle break-bulk if needed.


Port connections

  • Port of Antwerp: 5 x /week – daily connection with the deep-sea terminals
  • Port of Rotterdam: 3 x /week – Port equalization via a Shuttle service

Inland Barge connections via the river Scheldt and the Albert Canal:

  • LCT (Liège Container terminal) 5 times a week
  • Gosselin
  • DLCT (Dennie Lockefeer Container Terminal)
  • Meerhout
  • Genk
  • Ile Monsin

Truck Transshipment

We handle incoming and outgoing trucks with a fleet of 12 ECH’s. Our container depot is used by shipping and leasing companies for the repositioning of the empty equipment. The road transports within the port area are coordinated by ATO itself, which results in an excellent service level and higher efficiency.

Train Transshipment

The ATO premises are rail-linked and closeby the Lineas right bank main hub.

Depot & Other Services


All additional services linked with container handling can be provided on-site at the ATO premises. Depot storage counts up to 12.000 TEU and our workshop consists out of 3.600 sqm of working area providing all value added services.